Type ID Commit Developer Service Date
NEW122Pickup swep. You can still pickup entities with your hands. But this one can also pickup ragdolls.BobbieDarkRP2022-10-09
FIX121Being able to make some doors disappear using the pickup function on your hands.BobbieDarkRP2022-10-09
CHANGE120Lockpick overhaulBobbieDarkRP2022-10-02
NEW119Fining. You can now fine a person for a max of 2000. /fine {person} {amount} {reason}. The person has the chance to accept or deny; if accepted the fine will be paid, if denied the person will be wanted for arrest.BobbieDarkRP2022-10-02
CHANGE118Updated the HUD to the new oneBobbieBaseWars2022-09-20
FIX117Double doors not wanting to lock. Finally this year old bug gets removed.BobbieDarkRP2022-09-12
CHANGE116Changed the sizes of items in store and inventory.BobbieDarkRP2022-09-04
CHANGE115GUI Changes (HUD Bars & F1 Menu)BobbieDarkRP2022-06-04
CHANGE114Small gui changes (Scoreboard & F1 Menu)BobbieDarkRP2022-05-25
REMOVE113AFK Timer. You can now stay on the server as long as you like!BobbieDarkRP2022-05-23
CHANGE112In the character menu your details will be filled in instead of empty. Gender button text will turn green to the gender you areBobbieDarkRP2022-05-23
FIX111HUD Fixed. Added a black outline to the location box. Changed it so the mayor also sees taxes instead of salary. Fixed the chatbox positionBobbieDarkRP2022-05-23
NEW110New HUDBobbieDarkRP2022-05-22
NEW109Dumpster. There are 7 dumpsters scattered throughout the map. Loot these dumpsters and receive a small reward.BobbieDarkRP2022-05-17
NEW108Taxes that can be set by the mayor. 0-40%BobbieDarkRP2022-02-23
NEW107Location SystemBobbieDarkRP2022-02-21
CHANGE106Officials are not able to collect weed bags from a completed plant but are instead given $200.BobbieDarkRP2022-02-20
FIX105Fixed boats not spawning in the waterBobbieDarkRP2022-02-20
CHANGE104Instead of instantly giving you the money after robbing the bank. You have to go to the dropoff point behind de desert warehouse to receive your money!BobbieDarkRP2022-02-20
NEW103Masked playermodels that hide your IDBobbieDarkRP2022-02-19
NEW102Bank Robbery System!BobbieDarkRP2022-02-13
NEW101Flying Police CarBobbieDarkRP2022-02-13
CHANGE100Downtown_tits_v2 > citylife_v187BobbieDarkRP2022-02-06
NEW99A bigger model to display items in the store & inventory.BobbieDarkRP2022-01-13
NEW98Flying Vehicles. This is still a WiP and might be buggy. There is only one flying vehicle at the time which is the Lamborghini Murcielago, it goes for 1.25mil.BobbieDarkRP2022-01-12
CHANGE97Shipments spawn in one item now. It doesnt spawn 5 entities anymore when manufacturing.BobbieDarkRP2022-01-12
CHANGE96The derma of the store and inventory have been restored to its original oneBobbieDarkRP2022-01-12
NEW95MySQL Compatibility. This means all data is wiped though, we are very sorry.BobbieBaseWars2022-01-03
NEW94ExoSuits. Ability to jump 4 times and take no fall damageBobbieBaseWars2021-12-28
NEW93Big Boom Barrel EntityBobbieBaseWars2021-12-27
CHANGE92Buy door menu updatedBobbieDarkRP2021-11-16
CHANGE91Scoreboard updatedBobbieBaseWars2021-09-05
CHANGE90Prices of T1 Sentry Guns have been lowered.BobbieBaseWars2021-09-03
CHANGE89Prices of printer upgrades have been lowered. BobbieBaseWars2021-09-03
CHANGE88Boats have been put back into the serverBobbieDowntownRP2021-08-20
CHANGE87Name SunshineRP changed to DowntownRPBobbieDowntownRP2021-08-20
CHANGE86EvoCity > Downtown_titsBobbieDowntownRP2021-08-20
NEW85Weed Growning (Roleplay ones to BaseWars)BobbieBaseWars2021-08-16
NEW84SmartWeld & More MaterialsBobbieBaseWars2021-07-30
NEW83You now get rewarded $1 billion for prestiging.BobbieBaseWars2021-07-30
CHANGE82Map changed to evocity_v2dSnowFlameSunshineRP2021-05-28
NEW81Added a nerfed role for users that misbehaveSnowFlameDiscord2021-05-21
FIX80Users were able to type in the announcement/updates channel.SnowFlameDiscord2021-05-20
NEW79Tow Truck SystemBobbieSunshineRP2021-05-23
NEW78BMW e46 gtr and Tides truck addedSnowFlameSunshineRP2021-05-22
FIX77!report command not workingSnowFlameSunshineRP2021-05-14
FIX76Stamina draining whilst in a vehicleSnowFlameSunshineRP2021-05-14
FIX75Fixed government commandsSnowFlameSunshineRP2021-05-11
FIX74Not being able to be ran over by vehiclesSnowFlameSunshineRP2021-05-11
FIX73/note spawning a note with no textSnowFlameSunshineRP2021-05-11
FIX72Disconnected players props not disappearingSnowFlameSunshineRP2021-05-10
FIX71Fixed Error Models for hands.SnowFlameSunshineRP2021-05-10
CHANGE70Boats now spawn at the beach.BobbieSunshineRP2021-05-09
FIX69Spawnpoints not workingBobbieSunshineRP2021-05-08
NEW68Server is openBobbieSunshineRP2021-05-07
CHANGE66Icons on the HUD barsBobbieBaseWars2021-04-22
CHANGE65Rule 3.1 You may propblock off all entrances with a max prop stack of 3. (This is to prevent doomforts). Is now a max prop stack of 6BobbieBaseWars2021-03-28
FIX64Not being able to ban steamidsBobbieBaseWars2021-03-28
NEW63Molotovs and firesBobbieBaseWars2021-02-18
NEW62Prestige systemBobbieBaseWars2021-02-18
CHANGE61Prices of the T2 Printers have been made higher!BobbieBaseWars2021-01-22
CHANGE60All colors from previous community to LuminousBobbieBaseWars2021-01-09
NEW59Initial release of Luminous BaseWarsBobbieBaseWars2021-01-08
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